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Sjaak van Schie is going for 100% handsfree growing

Sjaak van Schie is going for 100% handsfree growing


By the end of this year Sjaak van Schie will sort and process their hydrangea and tropical plant orders with help of a new WPS system. This WPS system will have a WPS Plant vision module and to sort the plants by: variety, size and color. After sorting, the plants will be assigned and transported via a conveyor system to the individual order fulfillment stations, which are part of the total system.

During these processes all gathered data will be stored. This will enable Sjaak van Schie to evaluate their production and quality. Helping them to maintain a very high quality standard for their plant selections.
The system will give Sjaak van Schie more flexibility and overview of their delivery process. But also help them reduce labor.

Much Flexibility

Roel van Schie: “We are very happy with this new additional system, which will give us flexibility in our plant evaluation process. With the WPS order processing software, we can couple our own order fulfillment software data and get an overview of the combined data in relation to the sorting data. Having this data with the vision sorting data allows us to manage our crops on all fronts: sales, growing and shipping. It also allows us to manage our labor more efficient, have better ergonomics and achieve better floor utilization. This is a major efficiency leap.”

WPS Salesmanager Czander Dubbeld is looking forward to working with the Sjaak van Schie team. “At Sjaak van Schie they have a variety of pot sizes between 9.5 cm and 23cm. All these pots have to go over the same system. At WPS we have a lot of experience with this type of challenges. After the summer months we will start with the project and in late fall we expect the first pots to leave the greenhouse almost 100% handsfree.”

Enjoy handsfree plant production

When it comes to bedding plants and other ornamental potted plants; WPS is the automation champion. WPS can automated processes from production to logistics in the greenhouse, as well as sorting and order fulfillment. WPS’s systems help increase your productivity while saving labor.

We can help you make better decisions for your processes. Our solutions create more peace and overview in the work environment. Hereby allowing you more time for other things that matter. Also ready for handsfree plant production: visit our site or contact one of our advisors. +31 174-671 371.

Sjaak van Schie is a reliable and sustainable company that specializes in high quality hydrangeas. With locations in The Netherlands and Portugal they are able to supply year-round quality plants. More information at


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