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South Central Growers: Pioneering Horticultural Advancement with Automation

USA Customer South Central Growers Pioneering Horticultural with Automation

Meet Ron van der Hengst, the visionary owner of South Central Growers in Tennessee, USA, who recently made a groundbreaking investment in WPS conveyor belts. During a visit from Digna van Zanten, the CEO of WPS, they discussed the driving force behind this decision – the need to make horticultural businesses attractive for the next generation through automation.

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Van Winden

Customer focus while saving cost can be done.

In many cases customer focus and cost savings don’t complement each other. WPS makes it possible at Van Winden. By using a smart sorting system from WPS, Van Winden can achieve better results, better quality with less labor. Making customers happier while increasing profits.

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SmartFlo conveyors at Altman Plants

First potted plants transported with SmartFlo at Altman Plants

We are proud to announce that Altman Plants has installed a WPS SmartFlo conveyor belt system. The SmartFlo system is installed in a main aisle in their greenhouse in Peyton CO. Richard Dekker, maintenance manager at Altman Plants, scanned the market and ended up at WPS SmartFlo.

Altman awarded the system to WPS, because of its affordability in combination with the features and possible expansion options.

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