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First potted plants transported with SmartFlo at Altman Plants

SmartFlo conveyors at Altman Plants

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We are proud to announce that Altman Plants has installed a WPS SmartFlo conveyor belt system. The SmartFlo system is installed in a main aisle in their greenhouse in Peyton CO. Richard Dekker, maintenance manager at Altman Plants, scanned the market and ended up at WPS SmartFlo.

Altman awarded the system to WPS, because of its affordability in combination with the features and possible expansion options.

"Great collaborating with Altman"

Edwin Dijkshoorn, Director of business development North America at WPS: “We are very proud to have gotten the order to replaced one of their old conveyor belts, approx. 1200 ft, by our SmartFlo belts, including remote controls. It was really great collaborating with all the people at Altman and we are looking forward to handle more of their future automation needs."

One remark the people made about the new belt was: How much more quiet it was than their old belts.

About Altman Plants

Started as a backyard hobby in 1975, Altman Plants is the largest commercial grower in the United States, with nursery operations from coast to coast. A world leader in rose, hibiscus, and succulent breeding, the company grows and develops an extraordinary variety of succulents, cacti, roses, annuals, perennials, and other specialty plants for many of the leading national retailers, supermarkets, and independent nurseries in the U.S. Founded by Ken and Deena Altman and now led by Co-Presidents Ken and Matt Altman. For more information, visit


Do you want to know how a SmartFlo system can benefit you?

Edwin Dijkshoorn, Director of business development North America


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