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WPS unveils Phenotyping Gantry

WPS, a global leader in high-throughput plant handling systems, proudly introduces its latest development in plant research automation, the WPS Phenotyping Gantry.

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Business Unit Plant Phenotyping, for handsfree and data-driven plant research, bolsters growth for WPS.

Business Unit Plant Phenotyping

Business Unit Plant Phenotyping, for handsfree and data-driven plant research, bolsters growth for WPS.

Michael Meijler started working as a Business Manager of Plant Phenotyping on July 1, 2022. The market share of WPS in robotics, logistic automation and camera solutions for plant research companies has grown enormously. Meanwhile, WPS is delivering to all leading agriscience companies. A separate business unit was established to realize further growth.

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With our solutions you can have more free time

Why WPS? Time for things that matter

In the last couple of years WPS has evolved. Not only in their product range but also in their core organization. Along with the hiring of new staff a new breeze went through the company.
We are paying better attention to service, differentiating ourselves and employee satisfaction.
Our mission and values of the past are not measuring up to our current drive. Therefore we have worded a new mission, dream and placed a new dot on the horizon for our company.

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WPS and Barth Groep form a strategic alliance to meet growth goals

In February of 2021 WPS and the Barth Groep formed a strategic alliance.

WPS’s filled order portfolio and international ambitions stood at the basis of forming this alliance. In particular a number of large projects were a reason to look for a dependable partner for WPS. WPS has the ambition to keep growing and developing itself as a system integrator. With this said, WPS has also chosen not to develop and build all components of the systems as previously, but outsource some of this, yet another reason for finding the right strategic partner.

“During the discussions with the Barth Groep we noticed that both companies see high quality and strong relationships as a key point for cooperating.”
Other items on the WPS wish list were, that a reliable partner had to be large enough and has a strong service track record with their customers. This led us to choosing the Barth group as our partner.” According to Digna van Zanten, Managing Director WPS.

“We are very pleased to have WPS as our strategic partner. WPS’s core values fit seamlessly in our own company strategies of customer care, innovation and capacity to empathize with customers. Additionally interesting to us is that WPS services the horticultural and agriscience market.” according to Henk Verschoor, Managing Director Barth Groep, Divisie Industrial Solutions.

For over 25 year WPS develops and manufactures innovative solutions for the international floral industry and agriscience clients.

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