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WPS unveils Phenotyping Gantry

WPS, a global leader in high-throughput plant handling systems, proudly introduces its latest development in plant research automation, the WPS Phenotyping Gantry.

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South Central Growers: Pioneering Horticultural Advancement with Automation

USA Customer South Central Growers Pioneering Horticultural with Automation

Meet Ron van der Hengst, the visionary owner of South Central Growers in Tennessee, USA, who recently made a groundbreaking investment in WPS conveyor belts. During a visit from Digna van Zanten, the CEO of WPS, they discussed the driving force behind this decision – the need to make horticultural businesses attractive for the next generation through automation.

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WPS at Cultivate 2023

Cultivate Ohio - 15 juli - 18 juli #2361

From July 15th till 18th you can find us on at Cultivate. In our booth (2361) we will demonstrate the SmartFlo conveyor system and our smart solutions for automated sorting and preparing your potted plants for shipping. Come over to ask questions or make an appointment with our Director of Business Development North America, Edwin Dijkshoorn and international sales manager Willem Jan Hoogduin.

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WPS at Greentech & Cultivate 2022

In the coming period you will come across WPS at both Greentech in Amsterdam and Cultivate in Ohio. The trade shows that a pot plant grower should not miss.

At these events, WPS will be showing its latest solutions in the field of automation and hands-free growing. And... we will be introducing our new SmartFlo Dashboard.

NEW: SmartFlo Dashboard App

The SmartFlo Dashboard web app allows a grower to remotely follow plants in the greenhouse and know which routes of the system are activated simultaneously. Performance of your system and personnel are now traceable and available on your desktop or smartphone.

More about SmartFlo Dashboard app >

Meet & greet

Make an appointment with one of our specialists:

Presentation phenotyping - 15th juni 12.30 pm

What is phenotyping and what is the value? Hosted by one of our colleagues Michael Meijler, Vincent Jalink. Come and join this presentation. 

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