New! SmartFlo Count

22 October 2019

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To track the performance of your logistics system, to be able to control on input and output, but also to be able to determine per employee whether they process enough plants: the SmartFlo Count measures this.

Management information on your smartphone: remote connection

Information on your smartphoneThe SmartFlo Count can easily be placed anywhere on the SmartFlo Track with the magnetic connection plate. By turning the knob you connect it to a certain SmartFlo route. The system gives you a clear overview of the performance of your logistics system.
All counters in your system are displayed on your smartphone. Each Counter displays the selected route, the starting date/time of the counting and the number of plants. A Counter is easily reset with one push of a button. With a reset it is possible to export the information to a .csv file.

Workplace information: integrated display

Count your plantsIf the people working on the conveyor belt need to process a certain number of plants, the SmartFlo Count is an easy-to-use aid. SmartFlo Count can be used in two ways:

  1. Addition: start at zero by pressing the physical reset button. When a plant passes, the Counter is activated and the device starts counting.
  2. Countdown: you set a certain amount by pressing the buttons +1, +10, +100. You can also switch between the options.

The SmartFlo Count specs:

  • Counts all passing plants
  • Mountable on any SmartFlo Track with a simple magnet
  • Physical sensor
  • Long life battery


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