Smartflo conveyor belts for large pots and trays

The wide conveyor belt is suitable for transporting large pots and trays. The SmartFlo series consists of several modules of conveyors that are connected online. This allows you to tailor the system to cater exactly to your operational horticultural requirements, which means that you never need to buy a system that is either too large or too small for your specific needs. This makes the SmartFlo conveyor system very affordable, especially when you consider that you can expand SmartFlo in steps to create a more comprehensive system. Not to mention that working with SmartFlo conveyors provides calm in the workplace!

Before you get started with (wide) conveyors, we recommend that you first consider the options that conveyor belts can offer. To facilitate this process we provided answers to 10 questions about conveyor belts. This should help you to learn more about conveyor belts, making it easier for you to opt for the right SmartFlo conveyor belts applicable to your specific situation.

10 questions about conveyor belts

The SmartFlo system consists of several essential elements that allow for the system to be tailored to your exact situation. The essential elements of SmartFlo include:
 SmartFlo Track: Robust conveyor belt. Can also be used for large pot sizes and trays. Easy to install yourself.
 SmartFlo Drive: No more worries about control as you only have three buttons for direction, route and speed. That is all you need.
 SmartFlo Corner and E-Corner: Effortlessly navigate every turn in your setup with maximum safety for your plants.
 SmartFlo Flexit: Flexible conveyor belt that is easy to install and relocate.
 SmartFlo Crossover: For temporary route connections.

See also the animation below on the SmartFlo conveyor belt series. The various components of the SmartFlo are explained in this animation clip, which also shows what can be achieved with a SmartFlo system: higher production and labour reduction.