New sorting and delivery buffer for OK Plant

12 May 2020

WPS, Horticulture

Last month OK Plant has taken into use a new sorting and delivery system from WPS. The purpose of the system is to increase flexibility and further improve ergonomics for employees. The newly acquired system has therefore been built to the highest standards.

A design by everyone

An important design requirement was that the system causes minimal stress to the plants. Every moment of contact during plant transport is designed to be easily managed. Unique in this design is, that the design of the system was largely done by the employees of OK Plant. Ergonomics, ease of use and a relatively silent system were of great importance. This so the work place would be as pleasant as possible for the employees.

Splash Bath conveyor
Plants are unloaded in batches, sorted and placed in trays and transported via a roller conveyor to the pre-buffer. Before the tray goes into the pre-buffer, each tray can be watered by means of a "Splash Bath" conveyor



During order picking, the trays for the order in question are collected from the pre buffer via an output roller conveyor and transported to the delivery buffer.
In the delivery buffer, constructed from belt conveyors, the orders to be shipped are collected and the delivery buffer is filled again on the basis of the staged orders in the Pre-buffer.
From the delivery buffer onwards, the orders are prepared for transport.

Great cooperation
Digna van Zanten, director of WPS: "We are proud that we were able to realize this for a beautiful company like OK Plant. We have worked intensively together to design and realize a suitable system. And with results! We are looking forward to further cooperation in the future".

System as a basis for expansion
The system has been designed in such a way that further automation in the future could easily be implemented. This allows OK Plant to further develop the system and integrate it with other processes.