KP Holland ready for the future with unique packing robot

SmartStaff WPS - KP Holland

KP Holland has introduced a unique and innovative robotic arm for placing its Kalanchoe 7 cm in trays. This robotic arm has specially developed "brushes" that ensure that all plants are placed in the tray undamaged. For this reason, the quality of the plants is guaranteed.

Development process

KP Holland has a modern greenhouse with a high level of automation. In the delivery phase, however, many labour-intensive handlings were still required to place the plants in the trays. In order to find a solution for this, KP Holland has entered into a partnership with WPS. The challenge was not only to achieve the desired capacity, but also to ensure that the leaf remains undamaged during the process.

Extensive testing

Both parties first agreed on a proof of concept. WPS made a simulation of the situation and tested whether the solution was feasible. Furthermore, WPS conducted extensive tests with various grippers and artificial hands that clear the leaves when placing the plants in the tray. This keeps the leaves undamaged. The proof of concept was successful, after which KP Holland has given the order to actually realize the project.

On the photo: Roy van der Knaap, Manager Technique KP Holland (l), Jan Moekestorm, Project Leader WPS (r).

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