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Karma Plants chooses new logistical system

Karma Plants supplies more than 200 different customers every week, each with their own specific requirements. In recent years, the range of colors and pot sizes has grown considerably. In order to further optimize this delivery process, Karma...

18 November 2019

SmartFlo, WPS, Horticulture

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WPS takes a new direction with service

If an automated system comes to a halt, it will cost growers time and money. Preventive maintenance, optimizations, the helpdesk and service engineers ensure that continuity is better guaranteed and that customers get the most out of their system.

05 November 2019

Service, WPS, Horticulture

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New! SmartFlo Count

To track the performance of your logistics system, to be able to control on input and output, but also to be able to determine per employee whether they process enough plants: the SmartFlo Count measures this.

22 October 2019

WPS, Horticulture, New, New product

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Ammerlaan-Sosef takes next step in automation

Ammerlaan-Sosef is a modern potted plant nursery in the heart of horticultural area the Westland. Ammerlaan-Sosef was founded in 1999 after Ard Ammerlaan started working together with son Jeffrey and employee Gertjan Sosef. After Ard’s original...

10 September 2019

SmartFlo, WPS, Horticulture, Automation

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Montis automates again with WPS


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WPS Mobile Plant Order System for Kooij Nertera

Kooij Nertera has implemented a new WPS Plant Order System (POS). One remarkable feature is that the various components (plant feed, photo imaging unit and plant buffer) can be moved, so that space can be freed up when needed. The underlying...

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Join us at Cultivate 2019, booth 1250!

Come visit us at 'the industry’s premier event for new knowledge, products, varieties, and connections': Cultivate 2019!You are welcome at our booth 1250 to see which of our solutions makes your company more efficient and make your customers...

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WPS propels forward into Plant Phenotyping research

First I would like to introduce myself: my name is Bas Millenaar and I’ve joined the WPS team to strengthen the knowledge pool in molecular plant biology, genetics and plant phenotyping. I will be able to assist and advise you which phenotyping...

02 July 2019

Plant Phenotyping

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New Opti-flor Design takes WPS delivery system into use

On June 7, Opti-flor opened its newest location: Opti-flor Design, for the cultivation of Phalaenopsis they have chosen WPS automation solutions. This WPS system is equipped with a picking position, stick sticking stations, photo imaging system,...

02 July 2019

WPS, Horticulture, Orchids

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OK Plant ready for the future with a new sorting and delivery buffer

OK Plant has chosen to renew their current sorting and delivery buffer. WPS is proud to carry out this assignment for OK Plant.The aim of the system is to further increase flexibility and to improve the quality of work for the employees of OK...

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