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WPS at Greentech & Cultivate 2022

In the coming period you will come across WPS at both Greentech in Amsterdam and Cultivate in Ohio. The trade shows that a pot plant grower should not miss.

At these events, WPS will be showing its latest solutions in the field of automation and hands-free growing. And... we will be introducing our new SmartFlo Dashboard.

NEW: SmartFlo Dashboard App

The SmartFlo Dashboard web app allows a grower to remotely follow plants in the greenhouse and know which routes of the system are activated simultaneously. Performance of your system and personnel are now traceable and available on your desktop or smartphone.

More about SmartFlo Dashboard app >

Meet & greet

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Presentation phenotyping - 15th juni 12.30 pm

What is phenotyping and what is the value? Hosted by one of our colleagues Michael Meijler, Vincent Jalink. Come and join this presentation. 

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Van Winden

Customer focus while saving cost can be done.

In many cases customer focus and cost savings don’t complement each other. WPS makes it possible at Van Winden. By using a smart sorting system from WPS, Van Winden can achieve better results, better quality with less labor. Making customers happier while increasing profits.

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Sjaak van Schie is going for 100% handsfree growing

Sjaak van Schie is going for 100% handsfree growing

By the end of this year Sjaak van Schie will sort and process their hydrangea and tropical plant orders with help of a new WPS system. This WPS system will have a WPS Plant vision module and to sort the plants by: variety, size and color. After sorting, the plants will be assigned and transported via a conveyor system to the individual order fulfillment stations, which are part of the total system.

During these processes all gathered data will be stored. This will enable Sjaak van Schie to evaluate their production and quality. Helping them to maintain a very high quality standard for their plant selections.
The system will give Sjaak van Schie more flexibility and overview of their delivery process. But also help them reduce labor.

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