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Garden State Growers has chosen for Handsfree Plant Production.

Garden State

Garden State Growers goes for hands-free plant production.

Garden State Growers has chosen to partner with WPS to equip their greenhouse with a SmartFlo system. Edwin Dijkshoorn, Director of Business Development North America, and Roy Den Hollander, CEO of Garden State Growers, made a plan for how the greenhouse can be arranged more efficiently with a SmartFlo system to reduce labor costs.

garden state

SmartFlo logistics system for different plants and pot sizes

Garden State Growers is the largest grower of chrysanthemums and bedding plants in New Jersey. They grow about 1.8 million chrysanthemums per year. The operation stretches over 113 acres in climate-controlled greenhouses and more than 250 acres in the open air. Hundreds of different annuals, perennials, and houseplants are grown here.

WPS has developed a system for these different types of plants, pot sizes, and trays. Garden State has a maximum height of 27 and a 1/2 inches and a diameter of 12 inches.

The project will start in 2023 in the USA

At the beginning of 2023 the first steps will be taken to implement the system at Garden State Growers. The delivery of the system will take place in partial phases, which is in line with the construction of the new greenhouse.

Multiple planting routes starting from the potting area and less manual work

Curious about the possibilities for a SmartFlo system in your greenhouse? Feel free to contact our USA specialists Edwin Dijkshoorn & Willem Jan Hoogduin.

Aiming to be handsfree

Enjoy Handsfree Plant Production

"Aiming to be handsfree", our article in Greenhouse Management Magazine

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