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New Team Leader Service

Since October 1st we have a new face at WPS: Michael Deelen has started as Team Leader Service. We would like to introduce him to you:Not a rookieMichael started his career at a service desk. By now he has a lot of experience in managing...

27 October 2020
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How sorting by plant color works

Plant color is an important parameter to see breeding results in detail and enabling you to classify plants automatically.

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Reduce dependency on personnel

Many greenhouse operations are currently confronted with less available laborers. Although quite drastically at the moment without migrant workers and lock-downs, this trend has been going on for quite some years. Greenhouse jobs are for many...

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Get more out of your greenhouse

Efficient utilization of your greenhouse space is a key factor for getting more products out of your current greenhouse, but also for your profitability. Before considering building additional greenhouse space consider how to get more yield out...

30 April 2020
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Sorting with a Vision system: the ultimate assistent?

How do you ensure that orders are executed efficiently, quickly and uniformly? A Vision system can help you do this. What advantages and disadvantages come with a Vision system and what do you have to take into account before you decide to...

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Part 1: How much does labour saving benefit you?

Labour saving is an important factor in optimising your business process. This has several positive and less positive consequences. Investments will have to be made to replace labour and realise savings. What are the advantages and disadvantages...
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4 savings on labor in the nursery by using conveyor belts

In an earlier blog I discussed the 7 results growers can achieve with conveyor belts. Besides increasing your productivity and gaining ergonomic benefits, saving on labor is the most valuable result. In this blog, 4 examples in which labor is...

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How do you achieve a longer lifespan for conveyor belts?

In our last blog we told you the seven most important results you can achieve in horticulture with conveyor belts. But what about the maintenance risks of conveyor belts, after all aren’t there risks associated with most investments? Of course,...

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7 results that growers can achieve with conveyor belts

How can conveyor belts contribute to objectives like increasing your production and labour savings? The use of conveyor belts has advantages with which new results can be achieved. In this blog I look at the 7 most important results you can...

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How can you combat increasing labour costs in the United States of America?

Did you know that in 2017, nineteen states in the US increased the hourly wage for employees? Are you curious about how to reduce labour costs? At the end of this text, I offer you four tips to help you combat these increasing labour costs.  

15 January 2018

Horticulture, Automation, Labourcosts

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