WPS delivers new internal transport system at Bestplant

04 June 2019

WPS, Horticulture

Directors BestPlant

WPS recently delivered a new internal transport system to Bestplant in Poeldijk. Bestplant already had a WPS system in one of their greenhouses and the supplier chose once again for us. WPS designed the layout of the system and installed it together with Bestplant.

Patrick Zuidgeest, director of Bestplant: "Of course we already had experience with the WPS system in our greenhouse on the Middenweg and that worked out well. The main advantage is the peace and quiet and the overview that the new system offers. As an entrepreneur, you are already busy enough and there are many things that require attention and energy. It's very nice to be able to create peace and quiet somewhere in the process. And that is what the WPS system does. Then you can use your energy for something else."

How the WPS system works
From the potting machine, the plants are placed onto the WPS belt conveyor system which transports the plants, in this case Spathiphyllum, to the growing area. After spacing, the plants are transported via the conveyor belt to the handling department. There the plants are picked, after which they are transported over the belt conveyors to another room for further processing.
With the mobile control box in the bay, the rotation direction of the belts and the speed can be adjusted. With a remote control, employees can switch different zones on and off. All headbands and conveyors can be operated with a touch screen.
To connect the belt conveyors over the main path, the system is equipped with the unique Extension that can be pulled out of the belt conveyor to the belt on the opposite side of the path.