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Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants invests in expansion of internal logistics

13 February 2020

SmartFlo, WPS, Horticulture, Conveyor Belts

Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants from 's-Gravenzande, Holland is grower of a wide range of bulbs and pot plants. They are to invest this year in expanding its internal transport system SmartFlo.

From one central point

Jochem Vreugdenhil, Managing Director: "The cultivation will be much more central in the new setting. After potting, the young plants will go to the so-called fester zone for two weeks. The wish was to be able to send out the plants from one central point, which will enable us to grow optimally. With the set-up developed by WPS, we are going to realize this.


From potting onwards, the plants are transported via a conveyor belt along a plant spray unit and over a length of 140 meters upwards into the greenhouse. The routes can be set flexibly. It is possible to choose whether the potted plants go to the growing / delivery department or to the fester department. Vreugdenhil is the only customer (so far) of WPS that achieves a higher capacity by means of a double conveyor belt. The conveyor belts in the fester department are set at an ergonomic working height of 80 cm, so that employees no longer have to bend down. The system connects to the existing SmartFlo system of Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants.

About Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants

Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants was founded in 1938 by Jochem Vreugdenhil Sr. He grew different kinds of vegetables, grapes and tulips and was one of the first Amaryllis growers in the 1960s. Currently the company is run by his grandson Jochem Vreugdenhil and has grown into one of the larger companies of its kind. Under approximately 120,000 m2 of glass divided over 3 locations in the Westland, various products are grown all year round.