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100% reliability of SmartScan 3D proven at Piet Vijverberg Nurseries

04 January 2016

SmartScan 3D, Horticulture

In order to meet their customers’ high quality requirements and to distinguish itself even further from the rest, Piet Vijverberg Nurseries have switched to the revolutionary SmartScan 3D system for sorting Phalaenopsis. With the new camera technology developed by TNO and WPS, plants can now be sorted perfectly and 100% reliably thanks to SmartScan 3D technology. During sorting the SmartScan 3D (SS3D) system looks at the number of flowers, buds, stems, stem length and branching. “Only plants that meet the highest standards are eligible for the ‘Star Quality By5’ brand name,” Sander Vijverberg asserts.

Proven reliability of SmartScan 3D

The technology is reliable. After a thorough testing period in which 100% reliability was confirmed Piet Vijverberg Nurseries decided to purchase the system, which is capable of processing up to 2,400 plants per hour. Plants that haven’t reach the right maturity level are identified by the camera, removed and sent back to the greenhouse. The SmartScan system also simplifies the packing process and reduces the workload, which results in an all-round improved packing performance.
Piet Vijverberg Nurseries strive to offer its customers the highest level of reliability and are the first to implement this new, revolutionary technology within the horticulture industry, taking service and reliability to greater heights.

SmartScan 3D

Until now, market demand has outstripped technological capabilities, which is why WPS started looking for new technology. In collaboration with TNO it was decided to opt for 3D modelling of plants. Following some very intensive practical research, jointly carried out by WPS and Piet Vijverberg Nurseries, SmartScan 3D proved itself by providing a very accurate image of plant properties such as buds and flowers. In this case, the 3D solution is applied to orchids, but WPS is convinced that a considerable number of opportunities exist for identifying the properties of other types of plants.

SmartScan Series

The SmartScan series introduced in 2015 provides savings on sorting costs and increases delivery reliability. It also supplies a calmer working environment and creates a better overview on the work floor during the plant delivery process. The SmartScan series is available from a simple 1D altimeter right up to complex 3D technology for very precise mapping of all plant properties. WPS has offered the technology for reliably identifying plant properties since 2008. Every week, WPS provides its clients with an overview of some 10 million plants, allowing growers to meet high delivery reliability standards and to save on their sorting costs.

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